With a profound respect for nature, science and beauty, we aim to create safe skincare solutions for the globally conscious.

Since 2005, Dr. Gudrun Marteinsdottir, Professor at the University of Iceland, has been on a mission to develop skin care that is totally safe both for the skin and the inner body.

Through her work on the biology of marine organisms she became increasingly inspired by the hidden healing potential of seaweed and other marine sources. The
TARAMAR products embody an accumulation of discoveries based on long term research performed by her and other university professors.

Our research has shown that several types of Icelandic seaweed contain bioactive compounds that stimulate beneficial responses in the skin and protect live cells from oxidation and aging. Observing the potency of seaweed and medicinal herbs, Prof. Marteinsdottir was inspired to create a skin care product that causes clearly visible beneficial results, and is also exceptionally pure and safe for the skin and body. The idea grew into a holistic concept where quality, safety and honesty take first place.